Spoonfuls of Germany

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German food on the go, made in USA

There are numerous claims about who invented the first hamburger and when, and whether its origins are in the German city of Hamburg, or in America. What is certain though is that ever since Germany’s first restaurant with the golden arches was opened in Munich in 1971, food on the go has mostly crossed the Atlantic Ocean in one direction, eastwards. Today numerous American fast food chains populate the German fast food landscape.

For The Year of German-American Friendship that started last month, I took a closer look at the two most popular German foods on the go that have traveled the other way, from Germany to America, namely Currywurst and Döner. Continue reading



Every object has a story

German antique measuring cup

Probably the biggest reward I get from writing this blog is the feedback from readers, and  “meeting” other bloggers with the same passion: Christie, a British expat living in Germany Continue reading