Spoonfuls of Germany


Food bond


Saying that I was nervous when I first set foot in my parents-in-law’s house the day before Thanksgiving in 2000 would be an understatement. Not only was I aware that the family of the man I was dating was Jewish.  Continue reading


Every object has a story

German antique measuring cup

Probably the biggest reward I get from writing this blog is the feedback from readers, and  “meeting” other bloggers with the same passion: Christie, a British expat living in Germany Continue reading


Salami, not peanut butter: A new, lively voice from America’s largest but silent minority

Salami sandwich, German style

In early February, the week of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to the White House, The Economist ran an article about German-Americans entitled “The Silent Minority”. German immigrants, America’s largest ethnic group, “flavoured American culture like cinnamon in an Apfelkuchen”, the article said, yet they quietly assimilated and, because of the two World Wars and the Holocaust, tended to hide their origins rather than claim and openly display their heritage. Continue reading