Spoonfuls of Germany


Currywurst the slow food way

Every year, as summer winds down and I am picking the last, often unsightly tomatoes in my garden, a strange craving befalls me: for a fried sausage slathered with ketchup and dusted with curry powder known around the world as Currywurst, Germany’s most popular fast food. Continue reading



A different kind of treat for October 31

Friends of mine who live outside of Berlin complained once about the Halloween hype at their son’s school, whereas most kids don’t know much about why October 31 is a public holiday in the state of Brandenburg, just like in the other four East German states. Continue reading


The world through the eyes of a cookbook

Sorrel soup

The Pennsylvania TV station PCN interviewed me recently. Francine Schertzer, the program host, asked me how the fall of the Berlin Wall had changed Germany’s food scene. I said there had been tremendous change for the good for East Germans. Continue reading