Spoonfuls of Germany


Wild about ramsons (Bärlauch) and ramps

Ramps Quiche

“Where are we going”? I asked my mother after she picked me up from the airport in Frankfurt on a day in early May a few years ago. I had been dozing in my seat and first thought I imagined that she took unfamiliar country back roads instead of heading back home. “Didn’t you want do pick Bärlauch (ramsons)? I will take you to a great spot.” Of course I wanted to. Continue reading


The edible elderflower

Elderflower fritters 1

In the last decade, two edible wild, or semi-wild, plants have seen a huge comeback in Germany: ramsons (Allium ursinum, “Bärlauch” in German) and elderberries, especially their flowers. Continue reading