Spoonfuls of Germany


The coffee connection

Rüdesheimer Kaffee

During spring cleaning this week, I considered throwing out a pair of dark brown suede gloves, my longtime favorites. I’ve had them for more than a decade and they are worn but the thought of tossing them passed and I decided to keep them after all.

If you are not living in Germany you will most likely find it odd when I tell you that I bought the gloves at a coffee shop, Continue reading



Looking east


If there is one thing I regret I did not do while I was still living in Germany, it is that I did not see more of the world behind the Iron Curtain that opened up after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. I spent a good amount of time in Berlin in 1991, and I am glad I did because at least I got a glimpse how East Berlin had looked under communist rule. Continue reading


The alpha squash

Red Kuri squash

From the tremendous variety of winter squashes available in Germany today – some growers offer several dozen different types – one would never guess that winter squash was virtually absent from the food scene when I left Germany 15 years ago. Continue reading