Spoonfuls of Germany


Solving the mystery of Hannchen Jensen Torte

Hannchen Jensen Torte 1

Little did I know that when I looked for a new German gooseberry cake recipe to try that it would lead to what is likely my most exciting discovery since I started this blog almost three years ago. Continue reading


My German berry patch

Red currants

Down the street from us is a log chalet that looks right out of the Bavarian Alps, except without the red geraniums spilling over window boxes. Houses like this are not a rare sight in the United States. They tie German-Americans to their roots and make them feel at home. Continue reading


Gluten-free buckwheat, once a poor man’s grain in Germany

Gluten-free Buckwheat Cake with Lingonberry Filling

In recent years, the gluten-free diet wave has swept through Germany like through so many other industrialized countries. It catapulted the book Wheat Belly by US physician William Davis to the bestseller list (its German title, Die Weizenwampe, is even more colorful than the English – “Wampe” means fat belly in German). And, with the gluten-free wave, scores of gluten-free products have been washed onto supermarket shelves. Continue reading