Spoonfuls of Germany


Solving the mystery of Hannchen Jensen Torte

Hannchen Jensen Torte 1

Little did I know that when I looked for a new German gooseberry cake recipe to try that it would lead to what is likely my most exciting discovery since I started this blog almost three years ago. Continue reading


My German berry patch

Red currants

Down the street from us is a log chalet that looks right out of the Bavarian Alps, except without the red geraniums spilling over window boxes. Houses like this are not a rare sight in the United States. They tie German-Americans to their roots and make them feel at home. Continue reading


Hominess in grey and blue

Grüne Soße mustard

German slang has a funny word for all those trinkets whose sole purpose seems to be to accumulate dust: Staubfänger (literally “dust catchers”). While we have a bunch of those around our house (who doesn’t?), only a few give away my German background. I do not collect beer steins or Hummel figurines, nor I do not have a cuckoo clock. Continue reading