Spoonfuls of Germany

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Idyll by mail

Cookbook and tablet holder from Landlust


In this day and age of online reading it does not happen too often that I get excited about what’s in the mail. However, when an almost two-pound magazine from Germany arrives, my husband, who on most days fetches our mail from the post office in the village four miles away, calls out, “Your Landlust is here!” And although he does not read German he is often the first one to leaf through it. Continue reading


Eat it only when t’is the season


When I started cooking German dishes for my children more than a decade ago, my main motive was to introduce them to the foods I had loved as a child. I did not realize it at the time but it was not just the taste for things like spaetzle that I was trying to instill in them, it was subconsciously also the attitude towards fresh food that I had grown up with: Enjoy produce when it’s in season because that is when it tastes best. Continue reading


Gluten-free buckwheat, once a poor man’s grain in Germany

Gluten-free Buckwheat Cake with Lingonberry Filling

In recent years, the gluten-free diet wave has swept through Germany like through so many other industrialized countries. It catapulted the book Wheat Belly by US physician William Davis to the bestseller list (its German title, Die Weizenwampe, is even more colorful than the English – “Wampe” means fat belly in German). And, with the gluten-free wave, scores of gluten-free products have been washed onto supermarket shelves. Continue reading