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ZEIT Kochtag: Look what Germans cook!


It’s been more than 12 years since I started my ongoing exploration of Germany’s food. As my long-term readers know, I have been a broken record writing over and over again that authentic German cuisine and what Germans eat is diverse, colorful, seasonal, and ranges from tasty to delicious. With the first ZEIT Kochtag today, April 17, there is another living proof that people eat well in Germany. And that they can cook. And how! Continue reading

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Oy! Easter eggs next to the Seder plate

Seder plate and Easter eggs

This might sound rather strange – I was initially introduced to Judaism, Jewish customs and traditions, and Yiddish language by a collection of Jewish jokes. As a teenager in Germany I found a yellowed paperback from 1963, Salcia Landmann’s Jüdische Witze, among my mother’s books. Mind you that these are jokes by Jews, not about them. I read the 200 pages of jokes from beginning to end over and over. It is the only book of jokes I ever read. Continue reading

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Suppenkasper revisited

Chicken soup with royale

The small Struwwelpeter Museum on Schubertstraße, a quiet residential street in Frankfurt’s Westend, had been on my to-do list for years. My yearly visits to Germany are always jam-packed so I was glad I finally made it to the museum last September. Continue reading