Spoonfuls of Germany


All hands on bread


I have Marlene Dietrich’s husky voice in my ear singing the German version of “Where have all the flowers gone?” when I walk through a familiar neighborhood in Germany and notice that yet another bakery isn’t there any longer. Continue reading


Folding German roots into California cuisine

Rye Bread shaping

“Whenever I go out to eat at a place with great bread,” writes German-born, Los-Angeles-based chef Hans Röckenwagner about his Sourdough Roggen Brot, I always stash a little nub by my napkin so it’s safe from the servers dutifully cleaning up the table. No matter what I’ve had for dinner or dessert, I must end my meal with one last bite of bread.”

I don’t do exactly that but I am equally obsessed with real, good bread. All of my German expat friends are too. The love for good bread must be in our genes, no matter how far away from Germany we live, or how long we’ve been away. Continue reading