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Spaghetti Ice-Cream (Spaghetti-Eis)

This is not much of a recipe, more an illustrated instruction for assembling this popular ice-cream dish, which is served in virtually every ice-cream parlor in Germany. It takes only a few minutes to make at home.

I took my cues from German Girl in America but skipped the cream and sugar and used strained raspberries instead of strawberries.

Spaghetti Ice-Cream 1

  1. Press slightly softened vanilla ice-cream through a potato ricer (best to place the tool in the freezer for a few minutes before so the ice-cream won’t melt so quickly) onto a large plate or into a bowl (it melts less quickly in a bowl but on a plate it looks more like real spaghetti).

Spaghetti Ice-Cream 2

2. Pour some “tomato sauce” over the “spaghetti” (strawberry, raspberry, cherry, red currant, to taste).

Spaghetti Ice-Cream 3

3. Grate some “parmesan” (white chocolate) on top (also works best if chocolate is cold so place in the freezer for a few minutes before)

Spaghetti Ice-Cream 4

4. Eat it right away because it melts fast!



13 thoughts on “Spaghetti Ice-Cream (Spaghetti-Eis)

  1. That looks so delicious im going to try that

  2. This is realy my favorit ice. Never thought about to make it by my self, defenetly will try now.

  3. Love it one of my favorites!

  4. So much fun to eat when I was younger.

  5. Oh we had that , my children & I , when we lived in Germany. My husband / US Army.
    Loved it.

  6. OMG loved this when I lived in Germany. My son did too

  7. Take it from a German Girl, you should press the Ice Cream over a big blob of Whipped Cream, so much better. Yam

  8. But if you freeze the mound of whipped ceram it keeps the “spaghetti” from melting so fast

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